State Pension Inequality for Women Born In The 1950’s

Over 6,000 1950s-born women in Warrington South have been hit hard by the decision to accelerate the rise in the women’s state pension age. Many received little or no notification of the changes.

Some are now facing financial hardship as a result. Faisal has been campaigning in Westminster for the Tory Government to right this shocking injustice – speaking out in Parliament demanding action from Government ministers, meeting with campaign groups and lobbying national and local government to reinstate free bus travel for the women affected by this issue.

The new unelected Tory Prime Minister, whilst planning tax cuts for the already wealthy, leads a Government that still refuses to right this terrible wrong.



Faisal has been officially endorsed by Back to 60, one of the two main campaign groups organised by 1950s-born women, who have described his support  as “invaluable”.

Faisal Rashid, Labour’s Candidate in Warrington South, said:

“I am delighted that, under a Labour Government, these women will receive just compensation for a historical wrong. In Warrington South, over 6,000 women have had their state pensions deferred by stealth, for the meanest state pension in Europe – all under the false premise of equality and longevity. 

“As a result of these changes, many women who worked hard their entire lives, drawing little or no state benefits, have had to struggle as they get older to make ends meet. I think that is utterly shameful, and it is why I made this campaign central to my work as an MP.

“As your local MP for Warrington South, I was proud to stand alongside 1950s-born women and back their calls for action – I am thrilled that they have been finally heard.

“It is disappointing that the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have offered these women nothing. Under the Tories, 400,000 pensioners have been pushed into poverty. It doesn’t have to be like this. This announcement has shown that if you’re reaching old age, Labour is on your side.”

Joanne Welch, Campaign Director of the Back to 60 Campaign, said:

“Back to 60 are delighted to endorse your local Labour candidate, Faisal Rashid. His invaluable support for 3.8 million women born in the 1950s will stand in perpetuity for Women’s Rights”.


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